Bras and Africa

Don’t you just love autocorrect? On a regular basis I mistype (well, mis-text) Brad’s name, and my phone autocorrects it to “Bras”. Even better in my opinion: when I mistype my name, it turns into “Africa”. Bras and Africa Ray, what a pair.

Ol’ Bras and I are getting excited to go out to see a movie this weekend  – not just any old movie, THE movie we’ve been dying to see for the last couple years, The Dark Knight Rises. We are both super excited! We don’t go out alone together very much anymore (go figure, right?), but ever since Vivian started a regular bedtime, we do have a lot more time together. It’s nice just to watch a TV show together and snuggle in the evenings. Thank goodness for DVR.

Speaking of evenings, I go to a yoga class in the evening on Monday and Wednesday, so Brad has started doing Vivian’s bathtime and now even bedtime without me. They do the normal routine: bath, jammies, milk, then “goodnight house”. She apparently takes the bottle with no problem at all, and Brad says that she usually goes down without any fuss (which is her norm when I put her to sleep). This is a BIG improvement as nursing used to be an integral part of her “soothe-to-sleep” routine. It’s nice to know that she is becoming less dependent on me, but I have to say, I don’t know what to do with myself on those days. I come home to a quiet house – so weird but wonderful too! Brad’s about to start Tuesday/Thursday evening classes at his gym, so we will basically just rotate bathtime/bedtime responsibilities. It’s really amazing to have such a strong parenting partner. I know that not every dad is so involved, and I count my lucky stars. We both think that getting away and doing something for yourself – especially getting exercise – is so important.

Alright, enough random thoughts; the reason I started writing this post was to share a video. Vivian has a new trick!