Blue, red, grey… which universe are we in again?

The first trimester of my pregnancy was rough. I could barely eat anything, and I was perpetually nauseous. When I wasn’t at work, you could be sure to find me moaning on the couch with a box of crackers. To pass the time, Brad and I watched a lot of TV. We watched the entire Arrested Development series, re-watched The Wire, and became fans of a few new shows, including Fringe. And on the subject of Fringe . . .

If you had told me five years ago that I would be rehashing a crush on Joshua Jackson in my late twenties, I would have called you crazy (I always preferred Pacey to Dawson, didn’t you?). Yet here I am. For the first few seasons of Fringe, I wanted to scream at Olivia, “just kiss the boy, he’s wonderful!”

Finally Olivia and Peter get together, and of course, fate pulls them apart. In walks Lincoln Lee. At first, I was incredulous – another love interest, really? However, Lincoln has really won me over, especially nerdy Lincoln in the parellel universe (okay, two things – one, who would have thought I’d love sci-fi/fantasy and use words like “parallel universe”? And two, smart guys are sexy – I know because I’m married to one.).

The whole Lincoln/Olivia and Peter/Olivia storyline has been entertaining without being too love-triangle-esque (yes, I made up that word – what of it?). What I find most compelling about the storyline is the fact that Olivia is really two people (prime universe Olivia and parallel universe Olivia) with potentially different soulmates. I do find myself rooting for Peter first and foremost, but I can’t help but feel a bit sad for Lincoln. Won’t he ever find love… at least in one universe?

If you were Olivia (the original or Faux-livia), who would you choose?