You know you’re a parent when…

  • You have army-crawled out of a room to avoid someone seeing you leave.
  • You have caught someone’s spit-up/throw-up with your bare hands.
  • You leave voicemails to your spouse, asking about the status of a poopy diaper.
  • You don’t even notice the spit-up/sweet potato/snot dried on your shirt sleeve.
  • You pray that someone else will go to sleep. Just. go. to. sleep!
  • You read books about things that previously seemed straight-forward, like eating and sleeping.

Y’all have any to add?


One thought on “You know you’re a parent when…

  1. You know you’re a parent when MANY years into parenthood (MANY) your adult child and your pre-teen child make a visit to relatives in another state without you, that ‘s not the hard part……… the hard part is it means they drive together 8 hours one way and 8 hours returning in the SAME car. Both of them in the same car! Pre cell-phone days, and all the what ifs are making you physically sick? And when the car pulls out of the drive leaving your house you think “I will not make it through the next four days” and your spouse says “You gotta have some faith” which stops you in your tracks , cause you DO have faith, but still you hardly breath for the next four days and, when they do return four days later, the relief is so strong that you can breath again.

    You know you’re a parent when one of your teenage children says “Mom, I’m gonna try out for _______________”, and you know that they are capable, perfectly capable of ‘making the team………getting the part……..getting their dream position on the team………..running for office………..getting on the drill team” whatever it was they’re going out on a limb for………and yet you also know that the most capable and deserving person doesn’t always get the part, position,make it (that’s life, right?) and you’d give your right arm, literally, for them to make it and yet you know you just can’t make it happen. There are just some things parents cannot make happen. So you pray and hold your breath and pray some more…… Oh but the sweet relief when they DO get the part, the position, make Varsity, make the drill team…….oh the sweet relief. The utter, sheer joy-which is the definition of the word. And what’s even better, you were there to see it. You were there, when they got off the bus and said “Mom, I made it!” Or you were there in the gym, when they called her number-She made it! And those moments, upon remembering them can still bring tears to your eyes and the sweetest memories to your heart. Joy, sheer joy.

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