Mother’s Day guest post!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Vivian Ray here, just wanted to do a little guest post in honor of the Best Mom In The Whole World (BMITWW). I’m pretty new at this whole blogging thing (being 4.5 months old doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for social media) and my typing skills aren’t great (small hands). But with a little help from Dad we’ll get through this.

First things first…Mother’s Day. What a great day! Is there anyone more deserving of some love and attention than moms? I don’t know many other moms, but mine is pretty awesome. Without her I’m pretty sure Dad would be as lost as lost gets. I mean, seriously, is there anything my Mommy can’t do? Sometimes I test her by crying, or being fussy, or acting like I want one thing when I really want another, but she always comes through. It’s like she’s made entirely of patience! She just sits and talks to me and figures out what’s wrong and then fixes it! She’s like a saint. And then there’s the diapers….so…many…diapers! Oh and who can forget the breastmilk. I know my Mom posted on the nursing already, but let me just say the milk, it tastes excellent. Must be all the M&M’s :).

And to add to all that, she’s pretty great to Dad too. He’s kind of lazy, you know, but she puts up with him day and night. She’s even sweet to him every now and then, though if you ask me he doesn’t deserve it. You’d think taking care of a little bundle of joy like me would be hard enough! But she keeps this place clean and tidy, and keeps us all in clean clothes. It’s amazing! I don’tk now if there’s anything that my Mama can’t do.

Of course it’s Mother’s Day, and I realize that my Mama (and Daddy too) are great because of a few other folks. So here I’d like to give a big shout out (that’s what kids today are saying, right?) to a couple of other awesome moms. My Nana is my Mom’s mom, so she’s mostly responsible for how awesome my Mom is. Which means she’s pretty awesome too!  She’s great at being a mom and helping my Mama out, AND she’s handier than Dad too. Then there’s my Didi, my Dad’s mom. Daddy says she’s pretty special. She’s been his number one fan as long as he can remember, even when he was a teenager and stuff. It must have been pretty hard, but Didi made Daddy super sweet and she’s really great. I’m so lucky that my Daddy has two mama’s, because I also have my Kay-Kay! She’s really fun and vivacious, and she keeps my Grumpy-Grampy on his toes.

Speaking of mothers, Daddy did want me to give a special mention to my Aunt Laura (Aunt Sister? Dad calls her Sister and Mom calls her Laura, it’s SO confusing for a little sweetie like me!). She was like a third mom to Dad when he was a little kid. It can’t have been easy to be a teenager with an annoying baby brother, but she kept on keepin’ on, and it’s because of her that my Daddy uses soap these days (sometimes).

Okay, it’s super late and I have a busy day of eating, playing, and MAYBE napping (if I’m feeling generous). But I just want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all you special ladies out there, and most of all to the BMITWW. Momma, you are the greatest, most loving and nurturing Mama around and Daddy and I are both lucky to have you. We love you!


One thought on “Mother’s Day guest post!

  1. Well, Vivi, your first ever blog was fabulous! You’ve got writing skills like your mommy (and Daddy) who both trained in the famous Ms. Cabaniss classroom at Salado High School! And I can also hear a little bit of your Daddy’s humor in that blog too! So your grandmother DeDe is hoping you are letting your BMITWWW have a good, good, day. Cooperate and take a nap! Love you (all three of you)

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