New camera fatigue

You might recall that Brad and I bought a fancy smancy new camera in April. It arrived on April 12th. How do I know the exact day it arrived, you ask?

Well, true to form, I have a filing system for all the photos (date taken + number + unedited/edited). This filing system is important. So very important. Might even call it critical.  Why, you ask? (You are asking a lot of questions today, reader.)

Well, we took 700 (!!) photos in April. I counted. (Okay, I hovered over the folder in the computer, and it told me. Same thing… sort of.) 700 pics! Not over the course of the whole month of April, mind you . . . just from April 12 until April 30. Wowza.

It took me until today to look through all of them, cut out the duds, and do a very minimal editing job (a little lighting/color fix, a little cropping). I have to say, we haven’t taken many photos yet in May. Editing every night has left me a little camera-fatigued. I’ll get back on that pony this week, I hope.

So, check out a couple posts of our favorite photos. I promise not to post anywhere near as many as we took. Enjoy!


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