Getting hoopy with it… na na na na na na naaaah…

A couple of days ago, Brad and I finished a decor project for Vivian’s room. “All done,” Brad said with a sigh of relief. “Now all we have to do is wait for the baby to arrive.” Long pause… and then he looked over his shoulder with a big grin.

Cue a death stare from this momma of a 4 month old. (Okay, I laughed. But only after I gave him the death stare.)

This project was actually super easy (which is why I picked it), and I think it turned out really cute! My friend Haley and I picked out the fabrics at one of my favorite Austin fabric stores, The Stitch Lab. [Haley is a saint for dealing with my back-and-forth almost-non-existent decision making.]

Roughly two months later, I finally cut fabric squares and hot-glued them into the hoops. And maybe two weeks after that, my hubby extraordinaire put the hoops on the wall while I dictated placement. And without further ado… the hoopy name decor!

And a quick pic of hunky hubby – thanks for the help, babe!


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