Photo bomb!

Y’all know that Vivi is not much of a napper, considering she is such a good sleeper at night. She may sneak in an hour here or there, but typically, she cat-naps two or three times a day for no more than 45 minutes. Well, Sugar Bear decided today was a good day to take a – gasp – three and a half hour nap. I probably should have spent the time doing housework but instead I finally uploaded photos to the computer and edited my favorites. Time well spent!

So thanks to Vivi for the nap, here’s a visual of some of her favorite activities.

Vivian loves to blow bubbles.

Vivian loves to chit chat – quite the chatterbox.

(Like Mommy, if you don’t listen she’ll talk louder.)

Vivian loves to hang out with Dad; she gives him the sweetest smiles.

Vivian loves kisses from Mommy.

She even tries to give kisses sometimes too.

Vivian enjoys tummy time now and can hold her head up quite high.

YAWN! Tummy time is hard work, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Vivian can follow toys with her eyes (and gets frustrated when she can’t get them into her mouth).

Vivian still thinks that her hand tastes delicious.


Vivian loves to sit up and look around the room (especially at other people).


Vivian likes to impersonate famous people. Here she is, doing her best “Clint Eastwood”.

Vivian wishes her Aunt Alicia a happy birthday (or else)!

Vivian thinks it’s so funny when you blow bubbles on her belly. She’ll grab your head with her little hands.


Vivian loves to smile!

Vivian is working on learning to like her crib. We are taking it one day at a time.


Vivian thinks that modeling is a very boring job, but Mommy and Daddy just can’t resist taking hundreds of pictures of that sweet little face!


2 thoughts on “Photo bomb!

  1. Love these pictures! Can’t wait to see her; and congratulations on the three and half hour nap, that’s a milestone-yep, one day at a time! Thanks for writing this blogl

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