Tonight Brad was holding Vivi while I ate a piece of banana bread (don’t judge – it’s best eaten warm!). She was getting close to falling asleep, so they were taking a stroll around the living room.

Everytime they would walk near the chair I was sitting in, Vivian’s little face would light up when she saw me. Her eyes would start to dance, and she would break into a big grin – little happy sounds coming out of her mouth.

Once she was facing away from me again, she would become straight-faced and quiet. Sure enough, they would round the corner, and once she saw me, BIG SMILES! This went on for about 15 laps around the living room… and I swear, I could have done it forever! My heart was so full, I’ll admit I got tears in my eyes.

There is nothing as sweet as a happy baby’s smile. I love our little family.

Goodnight all! Part two of my childbirth story to come tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Merry-go-round

  1. Wish I’d been there to see that Merry-go-Round of smiles. I’m enjoying the blog so much Adria. Those little smiles, these moments you write about, I call them “freeze frame moments” – you just want to freeze frame them in a literal picture and never, ever forget them. From now on, when I have a frustrating moment, I’m just going to visualize the “merry-go-round” and I betcha I’ll end up smiling.
    Love, Debby (a.k.a. DD, Miss V’s paternal grandmother)

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