Vivi at 12 weeks

Vivian is 12 weeks old today. Oh, how time flies! Here’s a little bit about our precious baby girl this week.

  • Vivi has officially outgrown anything newborn and is wearing 3 month clothes. It was hard to say goodbye to her adorable little duds – her navy ruffled pants were one of the last to go into the “save for next baby” box.

  • According to my bathroom scale this morning, she weighs 12 pounds! She has almost doubled her birth weight.
  • Vivi has started sitting in her Bumbo seat for short periods of time. She can hold her head up but it’s still a little wobbly. Pictures to come, no doubt.
  • Vivi can roll to her side (with some effort) when she really wants to reach a toy. We are practicing rolling over when she does her “tummy time”.

  • Vivi gave her first laughs this week – every time it has had something to do with those oh-so-squeezable cheeks. The very first laugh – I was washing her face, and out of nowhere she closed her eyes and just giggled and giggled! Yesterday Brad was changing her into her PJs, and she laughed again and again when he pulled the shirt over her head. I can’t wait to get it on video and share it with y’all!
  • She smiles quite often, especially if you chat or sing with her, but she can also do a mean Blue Steel.

  • She still sleeps in her bouncy chair next to my bedside at night. In April we are planning to start moving her into her crib in her room. If that doesn’t work, we have a back-up plan of adding a playard in our bedroom.
  • Vivi doesn’t nap much during the day. She takes maybe 2-3 thirty minute naps.
  • During the day, she sleeps in my lap on the boppy or on Brad’s chest. If you move her to something else, she wakes up immediately. A light sleeper like Mommy! I guess you could say we are spoiling her, but I’m sure we won’t be able to snuggle with her like that for much longer so we’re enjoying it while it lasts.

  • Her favorite toys all happen to be giraffes. Thanks to Uncle Judd for her favorite toy giraffe, Pinky. You can check out a particularly intense chat between Vivian and Pinky at this link. I can only imagine what she’s telling her… bossy like her Mommy already!
  • She likes to sit up in our laps and look around, especially at new places. She is such a bright-eyed, smart little girl.
  • Hands are delicious, says Vivian.

  • Vivi really seems to enjoy storytime. She will sit in your lap, happily chewing on her hands, and look at the pictures while you read to her. I have some great videos of us reading to her, but they are on my actual camcorder and need to be edited. I’ll post them sometime soon.
  • She loves to go for walks – she’s a great (and quiet) companion. And yes, that’s a velour jogging suit.

Seriously, couldn’t love her more! Happy three months, Sugar Bear!


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