The One with the Boxer Shorts

Yesterday was my little sister’s wedding. I’m not here to tell you about the day – though it was lovely – or about the bride and groom – they were oh so happy – but instead to tell you a little Mommy story.

It was my first full day away from Vivian. I left the house around 11:30am and was home around 10:30pm. Albeit I did see her briefly after the wedding and was able up hold her a little while at the reception, the time away felt like an eternity! Luckily she was in very loving hands while I celebrated. Her daddy watched her, and she also had a short visit from her grandmother KK and Aunt Allie.

But I digress… Not only did I miss Vivian’s sweet face, our “chats”, and cuddling with her, it was my first time to really do the whole pumping thing. I do pump once a day usually but never more often. I’ve been working on storing milk for when I return to work, and it’s also nice to have a bottle in case I ever need to run an errand or, gasp, have a date night with Brad. Vivian isn’t a huge fan of the bottle, but she’ll take it if I’m not around, usually begrudgingly and with some difficulty.

Anyway, I had these grand plans to pump every 2-3 hours during the day. Of course, this wasn’t to be. Between getting pretty, taking photos, and traveling from hair salon to photo spot to church, I suddenly found myself 45 minutes before the wedding… and I hadn’t pumped once! For any readers who have breastfed, you know that I was starting to feel very uncomfortable!

At least I came prepared. I had my pump and bottles as well as some boxer shorts and a robe to slip on (there was no way I’d take the chance of spilling milk on the cute black bridesmaid dress). Long story short, I successfully managed to pump almost three (!!!!) bottles and get back into my dress and heels with 5 minutes to spare before the wedding. It really worked out perfectly. Brad was able to give Vivi a bottle at the ceremony and again at the reception.

Several hours pass, and I am home! Before getting in some snuggles with Vivi, I slip off my heels and dress to change. Lo and behold, I was still wearing the boxer shorts!! I had forgotten to take them off and wore them under my dress all night. Doh! Here’s hoping that none of the pictures feature my heart-patterned shorts!


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