Daydream Believer

As a kid, did you ever make a “wish board”? You know, a poster covered in images meticulously cut from magazines of all the things you wanted for your life (a trip to Paris, a beautifully decorated mansion, Brad Pitt)? I had a wish board on my bedroom door as a teenager (Marky Mark’s Calvin Klein ads definitely made an appearance as did gorgeous high heels and Italian vacation spots). These days, Pinterest is the new and improved wish board – no pesky printed paper or glue required.

Despite rave reviews, I resisted the urge to join Pinterest for months. I was consumed with my job, and when we weren’t at work, Brad and I were already struggling to “unplug”. Another virtual outlet truly seemed superfluous.

Oddly enough, I found myself seeking out a new outlet after Vivi was born. With a new baby in the house, I certainly thought the opposite would be true.

The majority of my “downtime” is while Vivi is nursing. I learned early on that chatting with Vivi while she eats will distract her from the task at hand. She listens so intently that she forgets to suck – what an attentive conversationalist – or she starts to grin (it’s pretty adorable). However, as cute as her reaction is, I’ve cut out the talking until after Vivi has a full belly.

So, I’ve found myself needing a distraction (and/or something to keep me awake) for a couple hours a day. I tried to read, but it is difficult to turn the page when you have only one free hand (I’m contemplating getting an e-reader, but that’s another post altogether). Thus I turned to mobile options on my smartphone. I tried Facebook first but quickly learned that my friends don’t post nearly often enough when I’m looking for entertainment (i.e. in the wee hours of the morning or in the middle of a work day). I read a few blogs, I did a little online shopping (dangerous), and finally, I decided to give Pinterest a whirl.

I was instantly drawn in. For one thing, I’m a visual person so I enjoyed scrolling through the boards and seeing how ideas flowed together. I also found myself captivated by the prospect of having “projects” to fill my day – so many crafts to make, recipes to try… I felt inspired! However, if you know me, you know I’m far from crafty, and I rarely cook. So then why were my boards overflowing with craft and recipe ideas?

I stumbled upon this article by a fellow blogger and found it to have an interesting answer to that question.

If you don’t have time to read her article, here’s the gist. Laura essentially says that Pinterest lets modern women “…slip easily into the role of handy, happy housewife”. Fundamentally, it fulfills an urge to be a domestic goddess without all the pesky “doing”. I think most of us know this intuitively… but I wonder how many of us can readily admit that the majority of our pins won’t ever be a part of our actual non-virtual lives.

For me, Pinterest is pure escapism. True, I may never have time to make my own soap or whip up a batch of homemade Snickers bars, but the idea is there, pleasantly available should I ever have the time/energy/resources to actually “do”.

And when did a little daydreaming ever hurt anybody?


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